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Why you Should Adopt a Greyhound

When you think of greyhounds, chances are dog races are what come to mind, but there is so much more to this majestic dog breed then just being fast. Greyhounds are one of our favourite dog breeds and we’re here to tell you why.

Gentle Giants

They are gentle giants and usually have a laid back, sweet and calm demeanor. Which makes them an excellent family pet. They are good with children and with careful introduction, can get along with other dogs and family pets. Being pack animals, they are generally not aggressive toward other dogs but do maintain a strong prey drive. So be cautious around smaller pets. With enough socialization and training however, a greyhound can coincide with smaller pets just fine, some even become the best of friends.

Make sure you train your greyhound. They are a large breed dog and run the risk of knocking over items, children, and frail people when they become overly excited. Save the hassle and train them; it will be worth it.

When they are not racing at 70km/h you will find a greyhound to be the biggest couch potato. Wanting nothing more than to sit back and relax. For this very reason, greyhounds do well living in apartments and other smaller homes. They are a low exercise breed, as they were bred for speed rather than endurance. A daily walk, to get them out of the house and keep them happy and healthy is all they need. They may get bouts of energy, so having somewhere for them to run about is beneficial, the energy usually wears off quickly and they become couch potatoes once again.

Easy Grooming

When it comes to grooming, Greyhounds require minimal fur maintenance. Their fur is short and very fine, so a quick once over with a soft brush daily, will keep their coats looking clean and healthy. They do shed fur, so maintenance shouldn’t be overlooked, but it is only lightly. Their coats come in a huge range of colours and patterns so if you’re looking for something specific chances are you’ll find a greyhound to match.

A healthy breed of dog

As one of the oldest purebred dog breeds available today, they’re a healthy breed of dog. Many of the hereditary issues found in other large breed dogs don’t affect them. With issues such as hip dysplasia being practically unheard of. This means less time at the vet and more money in your pocket long term.

Intelligent and Adaptable

They are well-mannered and intelligent; they are adaptable and with the right training can fit into your lifestyle just fine. The added benefit of adopting an adult dog not a puppy is there is a lot less work on your part. They will have grown out of the chewing and rebellious stage. They are more likely to have already been house trained, and you will know what you are getting personality wise.


On the 14th of May we are being visited by @gumtreegreys who will be bringing in some beautiful Greyhounds who are ready for adoption and looking to find their forever homes.

Do you have the room in your home and heart to welcome one of these cuties? Make sure to pop by on the day, for one of them may just steal your heart.

If you can’t adopt, then a great alternative is to donate. These amazing volunteers rely solely on donations to cover the vet bills, medication, transportation, and kenneling for all of their rescues. Even the smallest amount will go a long way to helping these beautiful greyhounds get a second chance at life.

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