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Preparing for the cooler nights

Our team has noticed something different in the air the last few mornings as they’ve gotten up. There’s a slight chill in the air.

As Autumn continues to show us it’s glory, it’s time to start thinking about how to prepare your home and your pets for the cooler weather ahead. Just as we humans change our routines and wardrobes for those cooler Brisbane days, our pets and homes can also benefit from a bit of seasonal preparation. Here’s our tips on how to get your pets, your home, and yourself ready for those cooler nights in Brisbane.


Through the cooler months it’s important to pay attention to your pets grooming routine. To help combat the cold many pets develop a thicker coat to keep warm, these thicker coats making regular grooming a must. Regular brushing and grooming helps remove any loose fur and prevents matting.

Check for gaps

It’s a good idea to regularly check your home for any cracks around doors and windows where cool air can blow in. Wind drafts can make your pets uncomfortable and will also cause higher power bills with heating. So, if you see any spots where drafts may be getting into your house, seal them or use a draft stopper, your wallet will thank you for it.

Rug up and Dress Up

Just as we rug up on those cool nights, your pets also may want to rug up. Pet coats are both fashionable and functional accessory for our fluffy friends. Designed to provide warmth and protection from the elements, coats are great for pets who are sensitive to cold temperatures.

Stock up on firewood

There’s nothing quite like spending a night by the crackling of a warm fire. Whether you have the fire for warmth, for cooking a delicious pizza or an outdoor fire pit having a good supply of quality firewood is a must. Not all firewood is equal, different types of wood burn at different speeds and produce different levels of smoke.

At Capalaba Produce we stock Ironbark, a wood that is known for its incredible burning quality. Providing a high heat output for a long time with minimal smoke, it is also considered an environmentally friendly fuel source as the eucalyptus trees it’s sourced from are fast growing and easy to regrow. We have just had our first delivery of ironbark firewood at Capalaba Produce so now is the time to stock up for those cooler months.

Schedule a Vet Check Up

Before the cooler weather fully sets in, we recommend booking in a wellness check-up with your vet to ensure they’re in good health. Your vet can also give suggestions on how to keep your pet comfortable during those cool nights.

It’s important that we include our pets and homes in our preparation for those cooler nights in Brisbane. Although we may not get as cool as down south, it’s still important to do everything we can to make our pets stay comfortable as the temperature drops. Whether it’s grooming, creating a cozy indoor space, or stocking up on that firewood for a night around the fire pit. A little goes a long way.

From Nic and all the team at Capalaba Produce, we hope you rug up and enjoy those cooler nights while you can.

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