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Top 5 smartest dog breeds!

Sit, drop and stay! Dogs are such empathetic, loving creatures who give us unconditional love. They are also incredible intelligent! Check out the list below to see if your dog made the cut for Top 5 smartest dog breeds


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5. Labrador Retrievers 

One of the most popular dog breeds, the Labrador retriever is named for the cold waters off Newfoundland where they were first bred. A short thick coat, webbed feet, and a heavy tail help this intelligent dog swim long distances in cold water.

Labs are popular favourites for canine water rescue, therapy work, and assistance dog training. Labs excel in the canine sport of dock jumping.

4. Cattle dogs 

High energy and hard working, these smart dogs thrive in an active home doing intensive sports like agility, rally obedience, herding trials, and flyball.

3. German Shepherds 

The modern German shepherd was standardized by breeder Captain Max von Stephanitz in 1889 with a goal of “utility and intelligence.”

As Germany modernized and the need for herding dogs declined, von Stephanitz worked with police and dog clubs to develop a set of protection and obedience tests known as Schutzhund.

2. Poodles

Time and time again, Poodles land on the list of smartest dog breeds. This intelligent dog was originally bred in Germany for bird hunting and water retrieving.

Their storied history includes many occupations and locales, from herding sheep to crossing the battle field to bring supplies to the wounded to the performing arts. These hunting dogs are remarkable for its loving nature, trainable intelligence, and sense of humor.

1.Border Collies

Originally known as the “Scotch sheep dog,” the border collie hails from the highland border of England and Scotland.

Bred to think independently and at long distances from human shepherds, they have the problem-solving intelligence and strong working drive to maintain control of the flock. Chaser, the dog who knows 1,022 toys by name, is an amazing example of her breed.


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