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Autumn with your Pets

The cool relief of lower temperatures, shorter days, and a dip in the humidity has arrived, one thing is abundantly clear, Autumn is here in Brisbane. 

Although the changes may not be as dramatic as the southern states, there is still a lot to consider with the changing of the seasons, especially when it comes to your fluffy and furry family members. But do not fear! The team at Capalaba Produce are here with some essential pet care tips for you and your fluffy friend for autumn in Brisbane. 

Adjusting your outdoor activities.

With the arrival of the cooler weather, autumn is the perfect time to enjoy more outdoor adventures with your pets. The Queensland sun can still be harsh, so we still recommend leaving outdoor play and walks to the early morning and late afternoon. With perfect weather for abundant growth lately, be sure to keep an eye out for snakes and avoid letting your pets run in tall grass while on your walks. 

Seasonal Allergies

Just like us humans, our pets can suffer from seasonal allergies that can flare up through autumn. Keep an eye out for symptoms of seasonal allergies such as itching, scratching, sneezing and watering eyes. If you think your fluffy friend may be irritated by the seasonal change, we recommend taking them to your local vet for advice on how to best treat them. 


With the cooler weather us humans can tend to forget to stay hydrated. Be sure that both yourself and your pets stay hydrated through the cooler weather. Providing access to clean drinking water for your pets all throughout the year is a must. 

Be prepared for weather changes 

Here in Brisbane, we normally have extremely pleasant autumns, beautiful days and cooler nights, perfect! It’s still important to be prepared for the occasional cool or rainy day. Providing your fluffy friends with a cozy bed in a dry spot that’s protected from winds will give them a place to be comfortable on those cooler nights. 

Maintain Flea & Tick Treatment 

Fleas and ticks remain active all year round in Queensland, so it’s important to continue treating your pet. Remember prevention is the best way to keep your pet safe. Along with treatment, keep an eye out for signs of flea and ticks. Especially if they’ve been adventuring in tall grass. 

Autumn is a fantastic time in Brisbane, the weather is cooler, and we can spend more time outside in our gardens or with our fluffy friends. And with these tips we’re sure it’ll be the safest, most exciting autumn yet for you and your pets. 

Happy Autumn from Nic and the team at Capalaba Produce!  

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