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(07) 3390 1433 | 3247 Old Cleveland Road, Chandler

More than Just Your Local Pet Store

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    We are more than your local pet store, we love all things animals!

    At Capalaba Produce we are more than your local pet store. We love pets and understand that your pet deserves more than just the ordinary. Your pet deserves the best! We have everything you could ever want for your pet. From the highest quality pet food to the latest fashion accessories.

    We are so excited to announce “The Shearing Shed” a dog grooming salon at your local pet store! At Capalaba Produce we have something for your pet, no matter what kind! We stock items for all different types of pets. Whether you are a dog person, a cat person, or if your pet is a bit more out of the ordinary we are sure that you will find the perfect treat at Capalaba Produce.

    We love your pets as much as you do. Because of this we make sure we only stock the highest quality pet food and treats. So if you are looking for an organic and holsom alternative for your pet, we have it! We love it when our customers bring their pets down to say hello. to our team. So make sure next time you take a trip to your local pet store be sure to bring your best friend down to Capalaba Produce.

    What makes working at Capalaba Produce so rewarding is that I get to share my knowledge about caring for animals with our customers.

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