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Winter Walkies

What a stunning few weeks of weather we’ve had! The rains have stopped, and the temperature has dropped. 

Winter in Brisbane may not experience the snow and Icey temperatures that the southern states experience, it’s the perfect temperature to get out of the house. That’s part of what makes Brisbane the best city in Australia So, join the team at Capalaba Produce as we explore the best places to go for a walk and how to make the most of the walks. 

Dress for the Weather 

Like we said before, we may not get the snow or freezing temperatures that down south experiences, but the nights & mornings can still get chilly. If your dog is a bit smaller or has shorter fur a jacket or jumper for your dog might help keep them warm on those early morning walks. We have a wide selection of dog coats and jackets at Capalaba Produce. If you need to fit your pooch out with the latest cozy fashion, come and look at the selection in store. 

One of our favourite locations: Raby Bay & Cleveland Point

Most people usually take their dogs to Raby Bay for the dog beach, although we wouldn’t recommend jumping in the cold water during winter it is still a beautiful place for a walk with your best friends. It can get windy so don’t forget to pack your dog’s jacket if they tend to feel the cold.

Keep them moving

The cooler weather is perfect for some more intense exercise as your dogs won’t overeat as quickly. It’s the perfect time for a brisk walk, a game of fetch, or a run around in an off leash dog park. The Wynnum Foreshore is a great spot for this!

The Wynnum Foreshore

Full of delicious cafes, a beautiful view and afternoon sun. The Wynnum foreshore is a favorite for locals to take their dog for a walk. Best of all there’s a dog park at the so your friend can get off the leash and have a run! 

Watch the ground 

Especially around Capalaba & Chandler, the chilly early mornings can also bring some cold and wet grass which can be uncomfortable or even harmful for your dog. Your dog knows best, if they seem hesitant or they’re lifting their paws more than normal it might be too cold for them. 

Kangaroo Point

Going for a Sunday afternoon walk along the Kangaroo Point cliffs with our beautiful city as a backdrop is breathtaking. There’s lots of sniffs and new experiences that your dogs can experience on this iconic Brisbane Walk as well.

There it is, just a few tips on how to make those winter walks the best possible experience and some of our favourite spots. Getting out of the house and going for a walk is a great for your physical and mental health. That’s enough reading, so why not grab your jumper, a leash, and head out on a walk with your pooch this weekend.

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