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Why You Should Keep Your Pet Bird Indoors

Are you looking at introducing a new feathered friend into your family? Birds can make excellent pets and with the right care and training, can become valued members of your family. So where is the best place to keep your bird?

Why You Should Keep Your Pet Bird Indoors | Wild animals

If you keep your bird outdoors there is a chance for it to fall prey to a predator. Snakes, cats, hawks, and foxes will all target your pet bird if given the chance. There have been many accounts of predatory birds reaching through cages and attacking smaller birds. Snakes are prominent if you keep an outdoor aviary, as it will often attract mice to the area. Cats and foxes are both crafty animals and will find a way to get at your bird.

Predator-proof your bird’s home or keep them inside away from any external threat.

Why You Should Keep Your Pet Bird Indoors | Escaping / flying away

It only takes a moment for your bird to escape from its cage. Always be careful when opening the door. If your bird is outdoors when it escapes, it will be very difficult to get them back. Birds weren’t born to live in cages, so their instinct is to fly free. It is your responsibility as a bird owner to ensure this doesn’t happen.

There are many ways to give your bird more roaming area, so their need to escape isn’t as predominant. The best way would be to keep them inside your home and allow them to fly freely, if your house allows for it. With training, many birds will be happy with a dedicated perch, and free access to go where they please. Offering them plenty of stimuli is also a good way to keep them occupied so they aren’t tempted to escape.

Why You Should Keep Your Pet Bird Indoors | Lack of survival skills

Captive bred birds lack the vital foraging skills that wild birds are raised with. So, your bird may starve in the wild because they don’t know how to find a regular food source. They may also be attacked by other birds because they unknowingly enter other’s territories when finding a tree to roost in.

Why You Should Keep Your Pet Bird Indoors |  Potential dangers to native bird populations.

Captive birds can possess illnesses that native birds haven’t encountered before, that can prove detrimental to their health and wellbeing. Another threat to the native bird populations would be if they bred and became a pest, overtaking the natural resources and pushing out the native species. We know this is possible because it has already happened with the Spotted Turtle Dove, Nutmeg Mannikin and the Indian Myna birds.

Why You Should Keep Your Pet Bird Indoors | Extreme Weather.

Birds have no sweat glands. So, to cool down they breathe rapidly through their mouths and hold their wings away from their body. To help keep your bird cool it is a good idea to spray or mist them with cool water. With small cages you could use a misting bottle, and with larger aviaries consider installing a misting system on a timer. Always provide your bird with plenty of fresh drinking water.

Just like with extreme heat, pet birds are very susceptible to the cold. By covering their cage at night with a blanket, it can help insulate the warmth, but it is vital that they still have some form of airflow. You can also buy little sleeping bags for your bird to keep them warm. But in both instances, you must be cautious as birds have a habit of chewing and the soft material can be harmful if swallowed.

The safest option in both cases, would be to keep your bird indoors with access to your climate control.

Birds truly can make for fun and delightful pets, if you take good care of them and remember to take them for regular checkups at your vet, they will be an excellent companion pet for many years to come.

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