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Why you should have chooks

Over the last few years, the idea of living off the land and growing what you eat has soared in popularity.

This includes having some chickens around the homestead. Having your own feathered flock at home comes with so many benefits, join the team at Capalaba Produce as we go through our top 5 reasons why having chooks around your home will bring joy! 

Fresh, nutritious, and delicious eggs. 

Do you know what’s better than having eggs on toast for breakfast? Having it with your very own eggs. One of the biggest benefits of having your own chooks is a constantly, daily supply of fresh, delicious, and nutritious eggs right at your fingertips. Eggs you get from a store have spent time travelling and on the shelves at the store, so the flavour and health benefits of a home grown is like nothing else! 

They’re great for the garden! 

That’s right! Having chooks is great for the garden! With the abundance of weed growth this year it’s a struggle to keep on top of them. Imagine if you had your own personal gardeners, who loved picking weeds, getting rid of pesty pests, and producing food for your garden! Well, you can, they’re chickens! Chickens are nature’s garden experts, they spend their days gobbling up insects, slugs, and other garden pets. Their droppings also make an incredible fertliser for your garden, improving your soil quality and promoting plant growth. What more could you want? 

Teaching and Responsibility 

Both young and adult have a lot they can learn from being around chooks. Learning about agriculturebiology and the responsibilities of taking care of a leaving creature. From collecting eggs, to providing food and water, there is so much the whole family can learn by looking after some chooks. 

Stress Relief 

There’s nothing like taking a break from our fast-paced lives and reconnecting with nature. It brings peace and clarity like nothing else. Spending time with chickens can provide an escape from our busy lives and give us a chance to reconnect with nature. Whether you’re just watching them scratch and peck the yard, or listening to the curious sounds of these creates, chickens have a wonderful ability to calm the mind. 

Sustainable Living 

It’s so important for us to be aware of the impact our lives can have on the world. Every little step we can take to reduce our negative impact on the world is a must. By raising your own chickens you’re reducing your carbon footprint and are contributing to a local food system. Chooks are also a great way to build relationships with members in your local community, why not hand on some excess eggs or supply your local garden lover with some fertliser. It could be the start of a relationship that lasts a lifetime. 

There are so many more benefits to having chooks at home. But here are just a few of the reasons why having a flock of feathered friends around home can benefit your life. So why not pop down to Capalaba Produce today and grab yourself some chooks, a coop and chook food to get the adventure started. 

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