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What to do in the Garden This September

• Temperatures are warming up and now is the time to prepare the veggie patch for the season ahead
• Dig soil over and break down any large clods and remove debris – mix in lots of organic matter such as compost and manures
• As the weather allows in your region, begin sowing or planting vegetables including Asian greens, beans, beetroot, capsicum, carrot, celery, cress, cucumber, eggplant, leek, lettuce, okra, onions, pumpkins, squash, radish, spinach, potato, strawberries, sweet potato, tomato, zucchini and sweetcorn.
• It’s a great time to plant tomatoes, capsicums in many areas. In cooler regions, unless the risk of frost has passed or there is a very sheltered spot or hothouse available, gardeners may need to wait a little longer.
• Work in a good general garden fertiliser at planting time
• Sow veggie seeds in seed trays and peat pots to have young plants to plant out in October
• Citrus trees can be planted now giving them a good time to establish before the summer months arrive
• New season’s herbs plants can be planted now
• Do not forget to use the slug and snail bait or have snail traps around young seedlings and plants
• Mulch veggie garden, fruit trees and garden beds to help to retain moisture and control weeds

The Flower Garden
• Keep deadheading late winter/early spring flowering annuals such a Pansy, Viola, Dianthus Cineraria, and feed weekly with a good liquid food – this will help prolong flowering and give you colour until spring/summer annuals come to life.
• Seedlings of spring & summer flowering summer annuals including Alyssum, Lobelia, Marigold, Nemesia, Petunia, can be planted now.
• Fertilise roses with Rose fertiliser – water well after feeding or feed after rain
• Now is a good time to start cleaning up pots and hanging baskets in preparation for new planting. Throw out any old tired potting mix and use a premium quality potting mix for best results. Premium quality potting mix has water retention granules to hold the moisture during the warmer months
• Prune and fertilise shrubs & plants that have completed flowering to encourage bushy new growth and repeat flowering.
• Ornamental grasses and strappy plants make an interesting addition to the garden – they are easy care and as they sway in the breeze they add life and movement to the garden.

• Sow new lawns this month. Good preparation is essential. Remove weeds and debris and then rake and level ground thoroughly. Remember to keep ground moist once you have sown the grass seed.
• For existing lawns, spray broadleaf and lawn weeds such as bindii now to control weeds and prickles before summer arrives.
• Fertilise existing lawns to encourage strong lawns while there is good spring growth.
• Lawns that have been sprayed for weed control should be fertilised two weeks after spraying to encourage lawn growth and minimise opportunity for weeds to re-grow
• Lawn grub numbers are now beginning to increase and will be actively feeding on lawns. The signs are brown lawn patches and unhealthy green grass. Treat the affected areas with a product such as Dipel

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