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What to do in the Garden this December

As the seasons’ change and Summer arrives, our gardens also change. Summer weather conditions can be challenging. 

It may be extremely dry or the garden may be lush and green with abundant growth from the result of summer storms.  Whatever the weather conditions, let us work with you to achieve the most from your summer garden.

December is a month of celebrations and can be a busy time. The school year finishes. There are lots of functions and Christmas events and of course, our own Christmas preparations to complete.


Little Gifts of Thanks | What To Do in the Garden This December

Plants are great gifts for the ‘End of Year’ and Christmas breakups and a wonderful way to show appreciation to teachers, friends, and colleagues. Our nursery is filled with beautiful plants that are perfect and affordable gift ideas for these occasions. Gardens are also filled with flowers and foliage. It takes no time to put together a stunning bunch or arrangement that will delight the receiver.

Colour in the Garden | What To Do in the Garden This December

There is still time to plant out some annuals or potted colour to have the garden looking like a picture for Christmas – try alyssum, lobelia, petunia, zinnia, salvia, verbena, and marigolds.

Now is a good time to plant up pots and hanging baskets – there are so many choices available and we can help you to make the ideal selection. Shady spots are where much of summer days are enjoyed. Plant out now with shade-loving plants to have these areas full of colour and life for the months ahead. Keep deadheading roses and water deeply to ensure a second flush of blooms.

  • Trim back any flowering shrubs that have now finished – this will encourage new growth over summer for next year’s flowers.
  • Give your garden a good fertilise with an organic fertiliser.
  • Top up your gardens with mulch to have these look great and help with water retention.
  • Test and make any repairs to your garden irrigation.
  • Pull those weeds.
The Edible Garden | What To Do in the Garden This December

December is the month when things really get going in the vegetable garden and you will begin to enjoy the rewards of your abundant harvest. Planting can continue in most areas. Ensure a supply of plenty of water and fertiliser as growth will be rapid. Watch out for pests or problems and treat as necessary.

Citrus trees are Australia’s most popular fruiting tree grown in home gardens. Lemons, limes, oranges and mandarins are among some of the citrus varieties available now. There is a wonderful range of fruiting trees now available including many varieties of citrus trees. They produce abundant crops of full-sized tasty fruit and are ideal for smaller gardens and for growing in pots on patios and balconies.

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