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What to do in the garden this December

It’s that magical time of year again. Christmas is here. It’s time to turn up the Christmas music and get out into the garden. Have a dance and maybe a glass of wine, it’s been a hard year, you’ve earned it.

We’ve all had a difficult time with the Covid19 lockdowns, but at last the borders are now open, travellers are about, and we can enjoy being with family and friends again just in time for the holidays.

Is your garden prepared to entertain your long-awaited guests? Are your flowers bright and blooming? Is your lawn ready for all the family fun and activities that comes along with summer? Now is the perfect time to get it sorted.

The Flower Garden

If you’re looking to brighten up your entertaining areas in preparation for the holiday season, then there is still time. Plant out some annuals or potted colour to have your garden looking picture perfect for Christmas. We recommend alyssum, lobelia, petunia, zinnia, salvia, verbena, and marigolds. These beauties are sure to give that pop of colour and wow factor.

If you’re looking for something more festive, then give poinsettia a go. These lovely plants are well known for their red and green foliage, making them perfect for that instant Christmas colour.

This is a great time to plant up pots and hanging baskets. With so many different options, ask us, your local garden centre experts to help you make the best choice to suit your garden and style.

With the hot days ahead, we will often find ourselves enjoying our time in the shade. So shaded areas are a great place to be working on this month. There are plenty of shade-loving plants vibrant with colour which will liven up any shady area you may have. Or if you prefer hanging by the pool on a hot summer’s day, there are plenty of planting options to create an inviting place to relax and cool down, while also enjoying the view of your very own jungle.

Continue to deadhead your roses and water them deeply to ensure a second flush of blooms. Be sure to trim back any other plants that have now finished flowering. This will encourage new growth for next year’s flowers.

It’s time to give your whole garden a good feed with an organic fertiliser.

Top up your gardens with mulch to help with water retention, this will keep your garden looking great all summer long.

Test and make any repairs needed to your irrigation systems. In the warmer weather this is a vital part of ensuring your garden thrives.

Don’t forget to pull those weeds.

The Edible Garden

December is the month when things really get going in the vegetable garden and you will begin to enjoy the rewards of harvest. With fruits and vegetables aplenty, this is an ideal time to try some new recipes with your very own homegrown ingredients.

Planting can continue in most areas. Ensure to give plenty of water and fertiliser as plant growth will be rapid. Be sure to watch out for pests or problems and treat when needed.

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