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What should I feed my dog this Winter?

As we finish the first month of winter, we’ve experienced short days, cool nights, and we’re not sure about you. But plenty of winter treats that make us feel nice and warm inside. As we’re here with a nice mug of hot chocolate, Trev is looking at us with longing eyes we all know too well. Why should they miss out?

When the temperature drops, we usually move a bit less than normal. It’s important to make some adjustments to your pooch’s diet to ensure that they stay healthy, happy, and warm through these cooler months. We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately around feeding our dogs throughout winter, what should we feed them? How much should we feed them? So, grab yourself a hot drink as we answer these questions today.

How much should I feed my dog over winter? 

Your dog is unique as you so we can’t get a one shoe fits all answer here. But we can tell you that over winter dogs tend to burn more calories than in summer. This is because they need to support their body temperature. Because of this you should consider increasing the amount of food they get, especially if they spend more time outside. 

If your dog is spending less time out on walks or playing, it’s important to make sure you’re not overfeeding them. If you’re finding it too chilly to go outside, playing a game in the house is a great way to burn off some energy. 
We definitely want to make the note here that when adjusting your dog’s diet, you should keep an eye on their weight. If you notice any significant changes in their weight, we recommend adjusting their food accordingly. 

What should I feed my dog? 

As the weather changes the nutrients that we need to stay healthy change. It’s the same for our dogs. Over winter it’s important to make sure that your fluffy friends are getting lots of high-quality proteins to support their increased energy needs and to help keep their muscle mass. It’s also a good idea to work in healthy fats like fish oil into their diet, this helps with a beautiful shiny coat that protects their skin during the dryer winter months. 

Hydration is still key! 

Even in winter your dog always needs access to fresh water. Always remember to make sure their water bowl has clean water for them. 

Treats & Supplements 

If your dog is on the older side or suffers from join pain, you can add supplements such as glucosamine to their diet. This helps manage the stiffness and discomfort that is increased during those cooler nights.

Although running to the fridge for a pudding is tempting, we probably should avoid overindulging on those winter treats. It’s the same with your dogs. We all love to give a dog a treat, but what they love almost as much as the taste is chewing. If you give a dog a treat that will keep them chewing for longer, the better! Treats such as beef hooves, goat horns, and old-fashioned natural rawhide are some of our favourites in store. Your dogs will be happy, and it’ll help keep their weight under control when they’re not moving as much

There it is some of the most common questions we get asked to help keep your dog healthy, happy, and warm over these winter months. Like always if you have any concerns or need some expert advice on your pet we would recommend going to a local vet. We hope you stay warm, stay happy, and stay healthy this winter. 
From all the team at Capalaba Produce. 

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