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The Animals of Capalaba Produce

In our humble opinion, we think that at Capalaba Produce we have the best team. Our village is made up of every different shape and size.

Some of us even have feathers, horns, or more than two legs. In celebration of our team, we thought we’d take the opportunity to highlight the non-human members of our team, so sit back and let us introduce you to some of the animals at Capalaba Produce.


Buddy is a crowd favourite here at Capalaba Produce, he has been our doorman and head of security since 2007 after arriving from Camp Hill.


DJ (also known as Dane Junior). Back in July Dane senior found a new home, and we just couldn’t live without having his sweet face around anymore. We adopted DJ… Dane Junior, although not related to Dane, we’ve grown to love him just as much as Dane (just don’t tell Dane that).


Annie has quickly become a crowd favourite here at Capalaba Produce, impressing visitors from all over Australia & New Zealand. Sadly, abandoned by her mum, Jess, one of own incredible team members, took her in. Annie has found a loving family here at the Produce and you’ll often hear her bell as she chases our team around the store.

Polly & Percy

Polly & Percy are our two adorable Alpacas and have been with us at the Produce since early this year. Warming the hearts of all those who meet them with their soft fluffy coats, and gentle personality, they have bought a South American charm to Capalaba Produce like no other duo can.

Guess who’s back… for a bit of a holiday. That’s right! Our favourite turkey who thought he was a chicken is back, that’s a longer story you can read here. But Ken the Turkey is back at Capalaba Produce for a few weeks, so make sure to come in and say hi!

Come and meet the animals! During these school holidays we hosted a free petting zoo, it gave an opportunity for kids (big and small) to come and have a cuddle with some of the beautiful animals we have here at Capalaba Produce. This was a massive success and we’ll be sure to be hosting more petting zoos in the future. But if you can’t wait to meet these animals you can always come down to Ted’s Corner where our two & four-legged friends reside.

We wish we had the time to list all the amazing animals you can find here at Capalaba Produce, these are just a few. Last month both our mumma goats welcomed some babies into the world and we just had some new pigs arrive. There’s always something new to see at Capalaba Produce, so make sure to come down and meet all of the team.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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