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Surviving the Heat: 9 Ways to Keep your Pet Safe this Summer.

Summer has arrived in Brisbane, and if this week is a sign of things to come. We’re in for a hot one. 

As the temperatures rise, it is important to beat the heat when it comes to keeping your pets safe and happy. Here are our 9 best tips for keeping your pet safe this Summer.

1 – Provide plenty of fresh water.

Dehydration is a big concern in summer, and as your pet can’t access water without your help, it is essential to their health and wellbeing that you make sure their water is always topped up.

This goes for your birds as well, they need clean fresh water to help them stay cool.

2- Offer them a cool retreat.

Shade is essential for them to be able to escape from the blazing sun, and if possible, bringing your pet inside your home to where it is cooler is a good idea. Having access to fans or air conditioning is an ideal way to be sure your pet isn’t overheating.

3 – Avoid hot pavement.

Don’t take your dog walking during the hottest part of the day. Do it early or late, before the day gets hot, or once it’s started to cool down. If you’re not sure always do the palm test on any pavement, before letting your dog walk on it to guarantee that it will be safe of the pads of their feet. If the time you take them for a walk cannot be changed, you can always provide them with dog booties to keep their feet protected.

4 – Never leave them in a hot car.

Temperatures can rise to dangerous levels very quickly, even if windows are cracked.

5 – Watch for snakes.

Snakes and other unwanted inhabitants that prefer the summertime will be out and about and may pose a threat to your pet. Try to minimise potential threats by keeping outdoor areas clean, and lawn short to avoid providing them with hiding places. This is not only important for keeping your pets safe, but for you and your family as well.

6 – Regularly groom your pet.

In summer most pets lose their winter coats and will shed, it’s a great idea to help them along in the process by regular brushing.

7 – Offer your pet a bath, or a paddling pool.

These are effective ways to allow your pet to soak off and cool down in if needed and most pets will appreciate having this option. Supervise swim time to ensure safety. If your pet isn’t a fan of water or have skin sensitivities, then wiping them down with a cool damp towel is a good way to help them lower their body temperature. You can also offer them a cooling mat to rest on. This product uses materials that absorb and dissipate heat, helping to provide relief for your furry friend.

8 – Frozen treats.

And finally providing your pet with frozen treats and toys is a great way to not only cool them down but to keep them entertained, use ice-cubes, frozen fruit or DIY your own “pup-sicles”.

9. For the Guinea Pig Owners

Guinea Pigs struggle to regulate their body temperature, this can make them extra sensitive to the heat. At Capalaba Produce we have ceramic tiles in the freezer, during  hot weather we place these in the enclosure and the pigs can decide if they want to climb on them to help them chill out.

Always monitor your pet for signs of overheating: keep an eye out for signs of heatstroke, which include excessive panting, drooling, lethargy, and glazed eyes. If you suspect your pet is overheating, move them to a cooler area, provide water, and contact your veterinarian immediately.

Remember that different pets have different needs, so pay attention to their specific preferences and behaviours. It’s essential to be proactive in keeping your pets cool during the summer to prevent heat-related illnesses and discomfort and to keep them happy and healthy.

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