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Showing Love to your Pets this Valentines Day

Valentines Day is this Wednesday! It’s the day we celebrate love for the significant other in our lives, but here at Capalaba Produce, we love our pets. So why shouldn’t our feathered, fluffy, or furry friends join in on the month of celebration!

As pet owners, we can all agree that these incredible companions have their own unique personalities and ways of showing love. Discovering and learning these personality traits deepens our connection with them. So, in celebration of Valentines Day, we thought we would help you discover your pets love language, so you can then shower them in all the love and affection they deserve!

Quality Time

Is your pet’s favorite thing simply spending time with you? Whether it’s cuddling on the couch watching another episode of Married at First Sight, going for a walk, or simply being in the same room together, when your pets love language is quality time, they thrive on having your undivided attention and companionship. 
Dogs are love being around their human family, so doing activities such as playing a game of fetch, going on an adventure to Ted’s Corner, or just hanging out together can make them feel so loved! 
Cats often thrive on more subtle forms of quality time like taking a nap next to you while youre reading a book or cuddling up on your lap. Dont forget about your guinea pigs as well, a gentle cuddle or supervised playtime out of their enclosure can bring those warm fuzzy feelings to their hearts.

Acts of Service

Believe it or not, but your pet may feel loved when you go out of your way to take care of them. This could be as simple as cooking a unique and yummy meal for them, keeping their area clean and comfy or even grooming them. For a dog, it could be as simple as teaching them a new trick, or going for a walk, and for cats it could be giving their fur a nice brush.

For those bird owners out there, this can be cleaning out the cage, giving some fresh water, or providing them with fresh bedding and toys.

By doing these simple acts of service are great ways to show your pet that you truly do love them!

Physical Touch

Most dogs love a belly rub, cats love a cuddle, and birds are known for loving some scratches. Physical touch is a universal love language for pets, they crave affection and attention from you. Given that this is done in a way that respects their boundaries and comfort levels, giving your dog, cat, bird, or even pet lizard some physical attention can show your love for them.

Words of affirmation

Have you ever seen the wagging tail go when those magical words ‘who’s a good boy/girl?’ are uttered? They may not understand what you’re saying, but they certainly know the emotions and feelings behind those words. Offering your pet words of encouragement and praise is a beautiful way to communicate your feelings. Whether it’s telling them how good they are, praising them for learning a new trick, or saying those magic words, you’ll be sure to remind them how much you love them. 

Also, if your pet is going through a time where they’re experiencing stress or anxiety, hearing your calm and soothing voice can help make them feel safe and secure. Even non verbal forms of communication such as eye contact and smiling can help them feel that love.

A note about food

We love our pets and spoil them like they’re one of our children. We often love on them by giving them a special meal, maybe a steak or a tasty chicken breast. Although a once in a blue moon treat meal isn’t bad, we need to remember that they’re not humans. They have their own specific dietary requirements that pet food caters for.

So this Valentines Day, whether you’re celebrating your 50th anniversary, exploring a new budding relationship or a single pringle, take the time to discover your pets love language and let them know how much they mean to you. Whether it’s through a cuddle, a trip to Ted’s Corner, a special meal, or letting them know they’re a good boy. 
Happy Valentines Day from Nic, and the team here at Capalaba Produce!

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