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Saving The Koalas One Snag at a Time

At Capalaba Produce, we’re aware of the impact that we humans can have on the earth and the environment. We understand that that as our population expands and grows it has an impact on everything around us, including the animals that we love so dearly.

In Australia, one of our favourite, adorable, and iconics native animals the Koala have been impacted by the actions of our society. That is why as a business we’re honoured to partner with the Queensland Koala Society, a non-for-profit organization based just down in the road in Chandler that is dedicated to the preservation of our favourite four-legged bears (yes, we know they’re marsupials).

Last Saturday we were thrilled to host the Queensland Koala Society at Capalaba Produce for a BBQ fundraiser. You, our incredible customers, came down to Capalaba Produce with your fluffy friends for a snag as you raised much needed funds for this incredible organisation and all that they do. The sun was shining, the smell of sizzling snags was in the air, and we even had a visit from a baby joey.

So let’s discover a bit about our eucalyptus loving friends.

As we hinted to before, although Koalas look like bears they have no relationship to a traditional bear and are in fact marsupials that have adapted to living a majority of their lives in trees. Their large sharp claws are perfect for gripping onto the branches of trees and their beautiful grey fur helps regulate their body temperature.

As most of us know, Koala’s survive on a specialized diet of eucalyptus leaves, which is very low in nutrients and toxic to most animals. But these incredible animals’ bodies have adapted to detoxify the leaves and absorb the nutrients.

Living in trees, the Koala spends most of its life in solitary, communicating with one another through a series of noises. Usually only encountering each other for mating. A female Koala is only pregnant for around 35 days before a little joey, weighing just under half a gram is born before they climb into the pouch to grow further until they’re ready to climb onto mums back for the first 12 months.

We all love these animals, but unfortunately, they face several challenges with habitat loss, the effects of climate change, as well as road accidents. This is why we are so thankful for organisations like the Queensland Koala Society as they help preserve these national icons.

We loved being able to host and help raise funds for the Queensland Koala Society last weekend, if you couldn’t make down to the produce on the weekend and would still like to support this organisation you can go to their website. You can also come down to Teds Corner to visit your favourite animals, but you can also feed them for a gold coin donation with all proceeds going to help save these beautiful creatures.

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