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Protecting your grass from lawn grubs this summer

Having a beautiful green lawn is almost as Australian as snags on the BBQ, a beach trip, or even a game of backyard cricket. Throughout summer though it can be hard to keep your backyard cricket pitch as green as we’d like. Today we’re going to be discussing one of the pests that can keep your lawn from being as healthy as it can be. (and more importantly how to treat them) Lawn grubs.


So what are lawn grubs? Lawn Grubs aren’t actually grubs or worms at all, lawn grubs are actually the larval life-stage of a species of scarab beetle. These grubs are found during the summer months and feed on lawn roots, causing significate damage to your lawn, usually showing as brown patches.

What are the signs of lawn grubs?

It’s important to known the signs of lawn grubs so that you can treat the problem sooner rather than later. This will reduce the damage they can inflict and get your lawn looking lush and green again.

Lawn grubs can be identified by their white C-shaped bodies with an orange coloured head. Here are a few tips to help identify if you may have lawn grubs in your lawn.

– The simplest way to identify whether you have lawn grubs is to look for irregular brown patches in your lawn.
– As lawn grubs like to eat the roots of the grass you will easily be able to pull the lawn away from the ground as there will be no roots attached.
– Thirdly, you will see an increase of other wildlife species around your garden. Birds and rodents feed on lawn grubs.

How do I treat lawn grubs?

Luckily lawn grubs are easily treated and at Capalaba Produce we have a large range of fast-acting sprays & granular available to combat infestations and protect your lawn against future infestations by killing any hatchlings before the damage can occur. Searles Dead Grub, Professor Macs Organic Hose On, and Acelepryn Granular will get your lawn looking green and lush again in no time. The above products will help control Lawn Grub, they won’t actually make your green lush. Fertilising before infestation with a mineral-based fertiliser, Earthlife Lawn Blend, will ensure a healthier more pest-resistant lawn. Application after an infestation will help the lawn to recover.

As always if you have any questions about how to control and treat lawn grubs or anything else regarding your garden feel pop down and see the team at Capalaba Produce.

Happy Gardening!

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