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Preparing For Storm Season

It’s no secret that Brisbane is prone to severe weather during the storm season, but there’s no need to let that dampen your spirit. Here’s what we recommend, to keep you and your furry friends safe when the harsh weather does come calling.

Tips for Preparing For Storm Season | Be prepared

Preparing for the storm season is a given if you would like to minimise the potential damage done to you and your property.

  • You should always have an up to date first aid kit readily available.
  • Be sure to cut back any of your trees that could pose a threat to property damage.
  • Clean your roof, gutters, and downpipes.
  • Secure loose objects around your yard. Outdoor furniture, kids toys and other outdoor items which could be lifted by strong winds and flooding.
  • Use sandbags, to avoid flooding. Find out where your local council depot for free pre-filled sandbags is located if you are unable to prepare your own.
  • Have masking tape and plastic sheeting available for emergency rain protection.
  • Make sure your pet has an I.D. tag and is microchipped with the correct contact information. If they get lost during a storm, it will significantly increase your chances of being reunited.
Tips for Preparing For Storm Season | What to include in your emergency kit

Having an emergency storm kit is essential. Here is what we recommend you include in yours.

  • Portable battery-operated radio and torch. Always have spare batteries and even a spare light globe.
  • Candles, with waterproof matches and a lantern.
  • Stock up on fresh water, and canned and dry food, for you and your pets.
  • First aid kit and basic first aid knowledge
  • Essential medications
  • Feliway or Adaptil collars/diffusers for your pets
  • Waterproof bags for clothes and valuables
  • A list of emergency contacts.
  • A car charger for your mobile phone.
Tips for Preparing For Storm Season | When a storm is approaching

Always make sure your mobile phone is nearby and fully charged in case you lose power. Listen to a local Brisbane radio station for information and turn off all other electrical appliances.

Keep your cars undercover if possible.

Secure and shelter your pets. Make sure to have a safe area for your pets to go, a crate or room, where they can feel safe. Blankets and their favourite toys can also help to ease them.

Tips for Preparing For Storm Season | Once the storm hits

Stay inside and away from the windows. Remain in the strongest part of the house. Usually the bathroom. If you are outside, find shelter immediately and never stand under trees.

Use your portable radio to listen to storm updates.

If driving, stop clear of trees, creeks, powerlines, and other structures which could pose a threat.

Avoid using your telephone. Keep it for emergencies.

Stay calm and reassure your pet in stressful situations. Keep them distracted with their favourite toys. Or even try Feliway (cats) and Adaptil (dogs), collars or diffusers to calm them if they’re stressed. Be patient with your pet. They don’t understand what is happening and will likely be frightened. All you can do is ensure their safety and try to soothe them.

Tips for Preparing For Storm Season | The aftermath

After the storm has passed, tune into your local radio station for official warnings and advice. Seek emergency assistance if needed and assess storm damage done to your property. Avoid and report any downed telephone poles and check in on your neighbours in case they need immediate emergency help. Then begin cleaning up if it is safe to do so.

If we all look out for each other, we can get through the storm season safely together. For more information, we recommend going to the State Emergency Services website.

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