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(07) 3390 1433 | 3247 Old Cleveland Road, Chandler


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    Eco-friendly, chemical-free products that you can trust.
    Premium natural Rosemary & Cedarwood essential oils for insect control.

    Repels flies, mosquitoes, midges, sandflies, no see ums. Customers have reported it also effectively repelling ticks and ants.

    No DEET, Picaridin or other harsh toxins.


    Rosemary & Cedarwood Essential Oils are regarded as safe for skin application by regulators such as the EPA and much safer/beneficial than chemicals such as DEET & Picaridin.

    In addition to repelling they are well known as having antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal qualities and eco friendly insect repellent so our customers also report the following uses/benefits of Nature’s Botanical;

    • Stop itching following insect bites, soothe hives & mild burns.
    • Help with eczema, itchy rashes, psoriasis, dermatitis, athletes foot, acne & sun spots.
    • QLD/Sweet Itch, greasy heel, rain scold & cover rub.
    • Relief for mild arthritis of the hands.
    • Deodorant, decongestant & moisturiser.

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