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Living Gifts this Christmas

Are you looking for a Christmas preset that will keep on giving well past the holiday season?

There is something magical about receiving a gift that breathes life and adds a touch of nature to our surroundings, and our personal favourites take the form of new plant friends. Plants make excellent presents for more than just the green thumbs, they give the gift of life, joy and happiness and can brighten up any home, office, or garden.

If you are looking for a classic winner for those hard to buy for friends – a living gift could be the ideal option for you.

Flowering Indoors

Flowering indoor plants are a fantastic way to brighten living spaces for Christmas events and summer living. Our range of lush, healthy, and beautiful plants are perfect to delight someone this Christmas.

Succulent & Cactus

Succulents are easy care plants and are great for beginner gardeners. With so many interesting shapes, textures and colours available, it is easy to find something special.

The Kitchen Garden

Christmas is about celebrating all good things and life. What better way to celebrate life than giving a fruiting tree that will keep giving abundantly for many seasons to come. 

Trees that Please

Shady spots are where the summer days are enjoyed. There are fabulous summer flowering trees that will grow into shade giving features in your garden for years to come.

Scent for Christmas

The fragrances of the summer garden are delightful. Discover the wonderful living gifts that will fill the air with scents of the season. 

Captivating Carnivores

Perfect for plant enthusiasts, nature lovers, or anyone with an interest in the extradentary. These captivating botanical wonders are a fabulous gift that brings both beautiful and fascination to any space.

Living gifts make excellent additions to any home and provide a sense of connection with nature, providing ongoing beauty and joy all year round. Embrace the joy of living gifts this Christmas and let nature weave its magic into your life.

Merry Christmas,

From Nicholas and the Team at Capalaba Produce

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