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Let’s Save Some Chickens

We here at Capalaba Produce are excited that tomorrow we will be joined by Julie O’Shea, the founder of “Who Gives a Cluck” a charity focused on rescuing and rehoming ex-battery hens once they become of retiring age.

If you are interested in learning more or jumping on the bandwagon of this fantastic cause, then come in store tomorrow and learn about how you can make a difference and give these hens a new lease on life, with the potential of adopting your very own.

So why should you adopt an ex-battery hen?

Ex-battery hens are simply hens that were used/raised in the egg production industry. Once they have reached a certain age – usually about 18 months old, these hens are “retired” because they have peaked at their optimal laying capabilities and will naturally being to reduce in egg quality and quantity. This is not to say these girls are of no more use, they just can no longer meet the demand of human expectation, so if they are unable to find a new home, there are usually culled. Not only is this a waste and disregard for the hens themselves but it is also a missed opportunity, for these hens still have many years left in them to not only enjoy, but they will also lay for many years to come, with many living upwards of 6-10 years, some even longer.

The Who Gives a Cluck charity was founded with the goal of helping find homes for these beautiful creatures that still have a lot of life and love left to give.

If you adopt an ex-battery hen, not only are you saving her from an early end, but you will be gaining an appreciative feathered friend with an affectionate disposition.

Usually having been locked in a cage their entire lives, the freedom of living in a backyard is a dream come true for these girls, so not only will you gain a steady supply of delicious eggs to eat, but you will be giving her a second chance at life.

Need another reason to adopt? Here’s some fun facts.
  • Did you know that hens can dream? Studies have found that when hens sleep, they experience REM sleep just as we do (the sleep stage associated with dreaming). Could you imagine what interesting things they must dream of.
  • Chickens are the closest living relative to the Tyrannosaurus Rex, that’s right even closer in relation then the crocodile or alligator. Lucky for us our hens aren’t as ferocious as a T-rex, but it certainly gives a new meaning to calling someone a chicken because they’re scared.
  • Hens feel empathy, and will react accordingly to different stimuli, this is especially prevalent when they interact with their chicks.
  • They have personalities. Just like people and your other domesticated pets, hens have their own quirks and traits.
  • They’re smart. These girls love being challenged by puzzles, and they even talk to each other through distinct sounds, they have an excellent memory and can even recall hundreds of faces, so it’s best to stay in their good graces.
So, if you would love to help by adopting your own little feathered modern-day dinosaur then come in store tomorrow and chat with our team and Julie from “Who Gives a Cluck”.

See you then!

All the chooks for this round of Who Gives a Cluck have found a loving home.

If you want to know when the next Who Gives a Cluck event is being hosted at Capalaba Produce make sure to sign up for Buddies Club below.

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