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Keeping Your Cat Happy

Owning a cat is like having your own miniature lion who lazes about your home and allows you to love it. All serious though, they can make lifelong companions and excellent additions to your family, with unique personalities all of their own.

If you are a lucky owner of one of these magnificent creatures then you need to understand how to keep them happy, to have a long-term furry friend and to save your furniture from their potential cat-titudes. Below are our top tricks for keeping your feline happy.

Keeping your cat happy involves providing them with a safe and comfortable environment, proper nutrition, love, attention, and plenty of things to do to keep their minds and bodies stimulated.

While cats are known to sleep upwards of 18 hours daily, it is essential to offer them plenty of things to do in the hours they are awake for. This can include offering them toys, stimuli, interactive puzzles, and even a scratching post that they can use to keep their claws healthy, this will also save your furniture from their unwanted attention. We stock a huge range of items to keep your cat entertained and happy, so feel free to drop by and check out what’s on offer.

Proper nutrition will keep your cat satisfied and ensure that they are getting everything their little bodies need to stay healthy. Keep in mind their dietary requirements change as they age, so make sure you adapt to your felines needs, and always consult your vet before making any major changes.

As stated above your cat spends most of it’s time sleeping, so offering them somewhere comfortable to sleep is a great way to stay on their good side. Give them plenty of options. No two cats are the same, as some will want to sleep on your furniture, others like to bask in the warmth of a windowsill, or high on a perch or cat tower. Others will love a comfy bed like the ones we sell here in store, and others are happy with a cardboard box. It just depends on your fluffy friends own tastes.

Pro tip: Never underestimate the power of a cardboard box!

To your cat, cardboard boxes are hands down the most amazing addition to your home, and if you are looking to keep them happy, always having a cardboard box available to them is a must.

Cats need regular exercise and play to stay healthy and work off and excess energy. Feather wands, laser pointers, bells, and toys are a great way to stimulate their natural hunting instincts. As well as offering them obstacles that include climbing towers, jumping between surfaces and different hiding places.

Cats love having a vantage point up high, if possible, you should give them a tall cat tree or tower that they can climb, explore, and rest on.

Lots of cats love affection so cuddles and petting is a great way to show love, however not all do, so observe your cats body language to see if this kind of attention is accepted. Just spending time with them or offering them your lap to sit on is also a great way to bond with them.

Groom your cat regularly. While your cat can do this themselves, it is a great way to connect with them and even help them out, if their fur is long. As long furred cats are prone to tangles and matting, when not brushed regularly. This is also a great time for you to be checking for fleas and ticks as well as any external change to your cat.

Cats love routine, so make sure you stick to a set schedule when it comes to feeding time. Make sure they always have access to fresh water and a clean litter box.

Finally, while they may not like it at the time, taking them to receive regular health check-ups at the vet, is the best way to ensure long time happiness and health, even if they hate it on the day.

Remember that each cat is unique, and what makes one cat happy may differ from what another cat enjoys. Pay attention to your cat’s preferences and adjust your approach accordingly to keep them content and fulfilled.

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