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Keeping Your bird cool this summer

On a hot summer day, you just can’t beat an icy cool treat. Ice blocks are a staple in Australian homes during the warmer months, and did you know your pet bird loves them too.
Now while you shouldn’t offer them the sugar filled ones we eat, there are many alternative recipes you can make right now, that your bird will enjoy.

Does your bird have a favourite fruit or vegetable? Put them in a container with some water and freeze it overnight. You can even add interactive toys, so they can have some fun while keeping cool. Vary what you include, so that your bird doesn’t get bored and lose interest.
If you know the weather is going to be especially hot, it is a good idea to prepare ahead, so that you can have the treat ready to go when they need it most.

Ingredient guide:

If you want to give your bird something that will not only keep them cool but will revitalise them, then you should consider adding a supplement into the water before you freeze it.

We stock “Vetafarm Spark Electrolyte Liquid” which is a fantastic product designed as a carbohydrate and electrolyte replacement for birds during times of high temperatures, stress, travel and illness.

It makes an excellent addition to your homemade ice blocks and ensures your birds are getting everything they need to stay happy and healthy during this heat.

  • Capsicum, carrots, sweet potato, and mango, all contain high levels of Vitamin A, which is perfect for your bird’s diet.
  • You can also try, apple, blueberries, kiwifruit, strawberries, banana, broccoli, corn, figs, raspberries, peaches and apricots. There are lots of other options you can offer, and you know your bird best, so be sure to customise and vary to their personal liking.
  • Avoid cooked vegies and fruit as many of the valuable nutrients will have been removed. Canned goods may contain high levels of sugar and salt, so if you must use these, thoroughly wash before adding to your ice blocks.
  • Fresh is best. Organic is better. Birds are sensitive to chemical sprays and pesticides, so make sure you wash everything first to remove any traces.
Other ideas to keep your pet bird cool in the summer heat include;

Have water for them to bathe in as often as they want or use a sprinkler system. A regular garden sprinkler will work fine, although you may consider investing in a misting system on a timer. That way you can program it to activate at certain intervals throughout the day, even when you are not home.

Bring your pet bird inside your home, if possible. Many of us get to enjoy the luxury of air conditioning in our homes, so on those hot summer days it is a good idea to bring your bird’s cage indoors, so they can enjoy the cooler weather as well.

Check out our blog “Why You Should Keep Your Pet Bird Indoors” to learn more about why keeping your bird indoors is a good idea, all year round, not only when the temperature rises.

Keep them in a shaded area, with plenty of ventilation. If you can’t bring them indoors ensure they get plenty of shade from the hot afternoon sun.

Bird’s are wonderful pets to keep, and as a responsible pet owner it is your job to ensure they are getting everything they need to stay happy and healthy
So when that summer heat comes calling, kick back and enjoy an icy treat with your feathered friend, you’ve earned it!

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