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Is Organic Pet Food Better than Regular Pet Food?

In short terms, yes. Organic Pet Food is better for your pet than regular food. Most non-organic products contain preservatives, unnecessary chemicals and other ingredients that are just not doing your pets any good.

With so many varieties of pet food on the market, how do you know if what you’re feeding your pet is really what is best for them? Simple, you trust the experts, your friends here at Capalaba Produce.

We understand that your pets are your family, and you want what is best for them. That’s why we choose OrganicPaws, Australia’s No.1 Certified organic raw meat dog and cat food.

Benefits to Organic

A high-quality organic pet food will give your pets a new lease on life. Improving both the quality of their life as well as their life expectancy.

Non-organic pet food usually contains nasty toxins. While these toxins might not harm your pet instantly, over time their effects can harm your pet’s quality of life by weakening their immune systems and causing serious problems such as allergies, obesity, skin conditions, liver and kidney diseases, heart failure, and cancer.

Organic pet food doesn’t contain these toxins, so the chances of your pets having these issues brought on by their diet is eliminated.

Not only does the chance of medical issues for your pet reduce, but the health benefits significantly increase. Your pet will have healthier gums, skin, ears, and nails. Fresher breath. They will become leaner from eating better quality food. Their energy levels will rise, their fur will be softer and shinier, and their immunity systems will strengthen.

They will want to eat this food, which is perfect for fussy pets. Their stool amount will be reduced because they are eating what their body needs. Rather than all the filler ingredients non-organic brands use. So it’s great for those owners who want to pick-up after their dogs less, or change the kitty litter less often. Let’s be real, that’s every pet owner’s dream.

All in all, you will have a happier and healthier pet who will be with you for years to come. The best part is you can start feeding them organic at any age. The younger the better as the effects will be there throughout your pet’s entire life. But if your pet is starting to get on in age and you are only just thinking about starting. You can rest assured that they will still benefit, and you will see a noticeable difference almost immediately in their behaviour. They will get a certain vigor back in their step. You will be left wondering why you hadn’t done it earlier. Your pet will be happier, and you can relax knowing that your pet is eating their way to a healthier life.

We stock a large range of pet food, but the OrganicPaws pet food range would have to be our top pick, with different flavours suited for both your cat and dog, we’re bound to have something to tickle their fancy.

With so many benefits and essential vitamins and minerals it’s clear to see why so many pet owners are making the switch.

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