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Indoor Plants: Beautify Your Home During Winter

In this cooler weather we have a tendency to spend more time indoors where the temperature is warmer. So bringing your garden and plants indoors to be enjoyed just makes sense.

Indoor plants are a great way to add colour and life into your home all year round. Not only do they look beautiful, but many indoor plants provide air purifying abilities that cleanse your space, creating a healthier home and environment to live in.

The two most important aspects of keeping your indoor plants happy and healthy during winter are their location and their watering requirements.

Beautify your home during winter with indoor plants – The Importance of Location

Indoor plants are perfect for adding life and a splash of colour to your home, but choosing where best to place them is something you should consider carefully.

Your plants are sensitive to drastic temperature changes. So, it is best to keep them away from cold drafts and heaters.

Heaters dry the air, and your indoor plants are generally tropical and require humid environments. So, it is best to keep the two separate, where possible.

The amount of daylight your plants are getting also plays a major factor in where you should place them in your home. While some plants can tolerate low light, there are many that cannot. So be sure to move your plants according to the amount of sunlight they need.

The sun has a habit of changing locations according to the season, so what may have been the perfect location during summer, might not be appropriate during winter. As the seasons change ensure your plants are still getting the correct lighting requirements, even if it means rotating them or shifting them to new locations around your home for the duration of winter.

Beautify your home during winter with indoor plants – The Importance of Watering

Now that winter is here, the time between watering your indoor plants will need to change. As the potting mix they are in will take longer to dry out. The best way to see if you are watering your plants correctly is by using a moisture metre.

These are simple devices that you place in your soil and measure the moisture level. Understand that each plant may have different water requirements, and they may dry out at different times based on their soil types. This is why using a moisture metre can prove to be invaluable and will stop you from having to guess when your plant is due for its next watering.

This will also allow for you to see if there are any dry spots in your soil, or if overwatering has become a concern. Make sure you test multiple areas of the pot and, different heights in the soil.

If your plants are staying too wet for too long, make sure they have the correct drainage. The best way to have control of your indoor plant watering is to leave them in or plant them in plastic nursery pots and use ceramic pots as a decorative cover pot. This way you can easily take your plants outdoors, or to your bathroom/sink to water, and allow for adequate drainage before placing them back in their spots.

Bonus Tip! It’s time to report your indoor plants.

Spring is just around the corner and as the weather warms, it is a great time to repot your indoor plants. To prepare your indoor plants for the season of growth ahead we recommend using Rocky Point Coco Pro for repotting your indoor plants.

Rocky Point Coco Pro is a unique blend of coconut fibre and quality slow & controlled-release fertilisers. Coco Pro feeds and nourishes plants for over 14 months and will encourage strong, healthy, and lush growth for your indoor oasis.


All in all, indoor plants are great for adding life and colour into your home this winter, so come in store and check out our range, we are sure to have the perfect one… or ten for you.

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