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How to Have a Safe and Merry Christmas with Pets

We here at Capalaba Produce know just how important family is. And we consider our furry friends very much our family. So how can we keep them safe when Santa Paws comes calling?

How to Have a Safe and Merry Christmas with Pets | Keep presents out of reach.

Presents are for unwrapping joyously on Christmas morning, not to find half chewed up the week or night before. While we absolutely recommend that you buy a little present for your furry friends, we also caution about keeping presents in areas where your pet can reach.

How to Have a Safe and Merry Christmas with Pets | Decorations can be dangerous.

Lots of ornaments and decorations are made from glass, wood, or porcelain and if broken can cause damage to curious pets if they eat them or step on broken items. So be mindful and pet-proof your home.

How to Have a Safe and Merry Christmas with Pets | Pet proof the Christmas tree.

Most pets are curious by nature. And will be tempted to inspect the random decorative tree that has appeared in their home. To keep everyone safe we recommend using a barrier in front of the tree itself, to keep pets at a distance.

This will help for several reasons. It will keep children and pets from attempting to climb the tree. It will stop dogs from lifting their legs over it. The Christmas presents will be kept safe below and the ornaments where they’re supposed to be. It will also stop electrical issues that may occur from decorative lights. Whether that is biting on electrical cables, or yanking them off the tree, both can end in misfortune and a shock or possible fire.

How to Have a Safe and Merry Christmas with Pets | Christmas themed plants can be poisonous.

Choose wisely. Holly, poinsettia, mistletoe, lilies, and real Christmas trees (Conifers) can all be poisonous if ingested. It would be best to avoid these plants if possible or do your best to keep these plants out of reach and away from your pets.

Offer your pet an alternate treat that they will enjoy which is tasty and safe to eat.

How to Have a Safe and Merry Christmas with Pets | Don’t feed your dog human food.

No matter how many times you tell your family and friends “Don’t feed the dog” they are bound to sneak your dog a “treat”. The downside to this is dogs’ stomachs aren’t built to digest human food. So, a sneaky treat could wind up costing thousands of dollars, or worse… your pet’s life. Now that is the worst-case scenario, but it has been known to happen. At Christmas time the threat is real. If you can’t stop the humans feeding your dogs, or your dogs from helping themselves, then the next best alternative is to remove your pets away from your guests.

If you’re hosting, try and have a separate area away from your guests for your pets to go while there is food about. They can rejoin you for the other festive fun once the food is away. Plus, sometimes pets will just need a break from all the commotion, so a separate quiet area is ideal regardless.

How to Have a Safe and Merry Christmas with Pets | Pets are not toys

They are a 10-20 year commitment, don’t buy one as a Christmas present unless you are going to put the time and effort in every single day to care for and love your pet. If you can’t make the commitment, buy a toy instead.

If a pet is the right choice for you remember adoption is best. There are so many animals out there in need of a loving home and your love could be their best gift of all.

We wish you all a very safe and Merry Christmas!

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