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How often do Chickens lay Eggs?

Eggs have been a staple ingredient in households for a long time, and backyard chickens are a great way to source your own. Chickens can also make egg-cellent family pets, which can offer you delicious eggs in return for caring for them So what chickens are best, and how often do chickens lay eggs?


With so many chicken breeds out there it is hard to know exactly how many eggs can be laid, so we are here to tell you about our top picks for chicken breeds and their egg ratio per year.

Hy-Line Brown

Hy-Line Brown is a hybrid chicken known to be one of the most balanced egg layers. They have a high-quality egg and are used by poultry farmers Australia-wide. They lay the large robust brown eggs often found in supermarkets. These chickens produce 300+ eggs a year, with 80 weeks of consistent laying. They also need a higher protein rate to sustain their high egg production and quality. At Capalaba Produce a majority of the chickens we stock are Hy-line Brown because they are known to be very friendly and rarely broody or aggressive.

Rhode Island Red

Rhode Island Red are bred for both their eggs and meat. They are a popular breed as they are easily adaptable to backyard conditions. These chickens can lay over 220 eggs per year. They have a high resistance to disease and have a tough temperament, while calm natured by themselves, it is not recommended to mix them with other birds, as they can have a bossy side.

Plymouth Rocks

Plymouth Rocks are the perfect breed for beginners because of their tame and easy-going nature. They also have excellent adaptability to a free-range lifestyle, although they cope fine with smaller areas. With an average of 200+ eggs per year, these hens can lay as many as 280 eggs per year with the proper care.


Australorps are a calm and friendly breed with an average egg rate of 220+ eggs per year. These lovely ladies are one of the best breeds for backyard farms and to be kept as family pets. They are curious and aren’t afraid of other animals.

Lohmann Brown

Lohmann Brown is perhaps the most popular breed worldwide. With a production rate of up to 313 eggs per year and a low feed consumption equivalent. They are active birds and are easy to tame, with a docile personality.

Silky Bantams

Silky Bantams are one of the most interesting chicken breeds out there, with their fancy appearance and gentle temperament they make excellent additions to the family. With an average of 100 eggs per year, they are mainly bred for exhibition, as brooders, and as pets.


In the end, the choice is yours. With so many chicken breeds to choose from, it really comes down to personal preference. Are you looking for a friendly pet who can become part of the family and will offer eggs in return for your love? Or are you just looking to be able to have eggs daily? Whatever the case may be, there is a breed out there for you. Chickens are an excellent addition to any home and are very rewarding to raise.

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