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Halloween with your Pets

October 31st is fast approaching, and you know what that means. It’s time to dress up into your spookiest outfits and celebrate Halloween.

As fun as Halloween can be, there poses many dangers to your beloved pets. If you’re not careful with your “treats” you could be “tricked” into spending a lot of money on vet bills.

So how can we keep our pets safe this Halloween?

Be Careful with Treats

We all love eating our Halloween treats, but we must make sure our pets don’t eat them, as many of our treats are highly toxic to our pets. If you don’t want your pet to miss out on all the fun, make sure you have plenty of pet-safe treats available. We have a huge range to pick from in-store, or you could make your own paw-some treats to give them.


Costumes are a great way to get into the spirit of Halloween and there’s no reason why your pet can’t be included. Just ensure your pet is okay with being dressed up and it doesn’t cause them any stress.

It is important to make sure the costume doesn’t restrict movement, sight, or their ability to breathe. If your pet refuses to wear the costume, don’t force them to. As cute as it might seem to you, the stress and anxiety it can cause your pet isn’t worth it.

The same can be said when it comes to your own outfits and costumes. Does your pet frighten easy? Do they get stressed around new things and strangers? Then it is probably best to keep your pets away from the hustle and bustle of Halloween night. This way you’ll keep them safe, physically, and mentally, especially if you live somewhere where trick-or-treating is common. Or if you are having a dress-up party which could provide too many unknowns for your pet to handle.

If you’re going to dress your pet up it’s a good idea to introduce the costume slowly, if your pet isn’t used to wearing clothes. Offer them positive reinforcement and have them try on the outfit multiple times in short bursts leading up to the day, that way it won’t be a such big adjustment for them to wear it on the night of.

When done right, dressing your pet up for Halloween can be a lot of fun, for both you and them.


Halloween decorations are not often designed with pets in mind. So, it is your responsibility to ensure that they don’t pose any danger to your four-legged friends. Where you can, keep decorations out of reach of curious pets. Avoid decorations that could prove to be choking hazards, toxic or dangerous.

If you plan to revamp your home with scary decorations, it’s important to remember that pets can become stressed and anxious when drastic changes are made to their regular environment. Make sure you provide your pet their own safe space that remains the same, where they can retreat to if needed.

Halloween at Capalaba Produce

Our team loves celebrating Halloween with our furry friends, and we would love to see you and yours this Halloween. This year we will be having a best-dressed competition. We want to see you and your pet in your spookiest costumes! So, make sure to come to Capalaba Produce this weekend with your pet in their spookiest costumes for a photo and win a Halloween prize bag!

Happy Halloween,

From Nicolas and the Team at Capalaba Produce.

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