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Ageing Pets Retirement Plan: Senior Pet Care in 5 Easy Steps

Is your pet getting older? As your pet enters their twilight years, they require special attention and care to ensure they are living their best lives. This may include specialised care, diet, medications, and mobility support.

Just as we age and pick up a few extra needs along the way, so do our pets, so it is important to make sure your pet is getting the right care and attention needed as they settle into their senior years.

1. Health – Senior pet care with Capalaba Produce.

Pets age differently based on breed, weight, and size, so the health care of your pet may vary accordingly. It is a good idea to seek regular health check-ups for your pet at your local veterinarian clinic, to ensure they are living their happiest and healthiest life. This will also help to detect any concerns or issues early on.

2. Dental Care – Senior pet care with Capalaba Produce.

Dental care is vital for your pet’s health and wellbeing and is even more important as they age. Regularly brushing your pets’ teeth, offering dental treats, and booking them in for regular dental cleanings is a great way to prevent dental diseases. Check out last month’s blog “Pet Dental Month (Prevent Dental Disease this August)” to learn more about why this is so important.

3. Exercise – Senior pet care with Capalaba Produce.

As your pet ages, their mobility slows and while they can’t walk as far as before without tiring, it is still important to ensure they are getting adequate exercise and play. Not only to keep them physical but also to stimulate their minds. Offering them interactive toys and puzzles is a great way to keep their senses sharp.

Be aware that as pets age, many develop mobility issues, arthritis, and stiffness of joints, so keep this in mind if your pet begins to slow down. Consult your vet about the best treatments, supplements, and medications to help ease any pain they may be suffering from.

4. Diet – Senior pet care with Capalaba Produce.

As your pet ages their dietary needs change, you should consult your vet for their dietary recommendations. Many senior specific foods are formulated to support joint health, digestion, dental hygiene and even weight management.

Obesity can also become an issue in older pets, as they slow down and don’t burn the calories they use to. This can also lead to other health issues, so you should try your best to maintain their weight through dieting and exercise.

5. Bedding – Senior pet care with Capalaba Produce.

Offer your pet a comfortable bed that they can access easily and make sure their food, water, and litterbox, if it applies, is easy to access to remove any added strain.

Monitor their behaviour and be patient and understanding. Watch for changes in appetite, energy levels and bathroom habits, if you are concerned about any of these, consult your vet. Your pet will naturally start to slow, so be understanding that they aren’t as young and spritely as they use to be.

As your pet enters their senior years, they need a little extra love and care, so remember these 5 tips to provide the best care possible for your aging furry friend.

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