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6 Things to Know About Adopting a New Pet

6 Things to Know About Adopting a New Pet

Are you looking at introducing a new pet into your home? Have those big eyes and wagging tail melted your heart? Maybe that gentle purring and playful nature has won you over. Before committing to bring a new fur baby into your home, here are 6 things you need to know about adopting a new pet to create a seamless transition.

Are you ready?

As fun as it might be to spontaneously decide that you need a new pet in your life, it really is best to make sure you are certain beforehand. Many pets are adopted only to soon be returned or abandoned because the long-term commitment wasn’t considered carefully. Yes, that puppy is too cute for its own good, but before you make the plunge remember that puppies do grow up into larger dogs. Do your research and consider each pet’s breed and characteristics before you commit.

Preparation is key

Before you race down to your local shelter, it is a good idea to prepare your home for its newest member. Make sure you have the right amount of room required to keep your new pet happy.

Make sure to have toys and bedding available as well as food and water.

Remember that moving into a new home can be a very stressful time for pets so they will need a way to work off their anxieties. Make sure there are plenty of chew toys for your new puppy or dog to play with. Or if you’re adopting a kitten or cat, it’s a great idea to buy a scratching post to save your furniture from unwanted claws.

Pet proofing

This may mean ensuring your backyard is enclosed or having an area dedicated for your pet to make it their own.

There is a very high chance that your new pet will destroy your things. Cats may scratch furniture or carpets, knock things off shelves and generally want to climb on everything. They are notorious for having curious natures, so make sure you move any valuables to areas they can’t access.

The same can be considered with dogs, make sure you train them. Dogs can devour anything they get their teeth into, in fact everything can be subject to chewing if you are not prepared, including you. The saying “the dog ate my homework” is a popular saying for a reason. Keep an eye on them if they’re diggers, you don’t want them tearing up your garden or escaping from your yard. Toilet training is also an involved but essential process to ensure that they aren’t creating a mess in your home.  This new life requires a bit more of your time. That little puppy or kitten depends upon so much more, but this is so much more rewarding.


Do your research. If you are adopting a new pet be sure to check their requirements. Ask at the animal shelter about their nature and characteristics to see if they will be a good match for you.


Consider your time

Do you have the time to look after a pet? Will you leave your pet home alone while you’re at work all day? How much time can you dedicate to walking or actively playing with your pet? They are a full commitment, and while they may only be a small part of your life, you are all of theirs. So be sure they’re right for you and your lifestyle first.


If you have chosen to adopt a puppy or a kitten, remember that they are just that and will have a lot of energy and will require a lot of attention in order to burn it off. Come visit us at the produce, if you’re planning to get your new friend or need help with one, we can assist you with all of these processes, preparation and more.

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