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5 Best Off-leash Dog Parks in Brisbane & The Redlands

Dogs are man’s best friend. There is no doubt about that. Hundreds of years have proven that fact, time and time again. They are loyal companions and bring such joy to everyone graced by their presence and love. So how can we return that joy? By spending time with them of course. Here are our top picks for the best 5 off-leash dog parks in Brisbane and the Redlands that you can enjoy with your four-legged bestie.

1 – Home Beach, Point Lookout

Located in front of the Point Lookout Hotel, your dog will have free roam of the beach, where they can play in the water and have a great time. For what it lacks (no water, seating, or shade) it makes up for, with unfenced direct beach access, so you and your dog can enjoy hours of fun on the beach and in the water.

2 – Kedron Brook Floodway

If you are looking for a park to take your dog for long walks, then look no further then the Kedron Brook Floodway. This carefree off leash area expands a few kilometres and has access to doggy bags, fresh water, picnic areas and BBQs along the way. During the week you will mostly have the area to yourself, but come evening and weekends, the place comes to life with dogs and their owners. Giving you and your dog the perfect chance to make some new friends.

3 – Buddina Off-leash Dog Park
If you love a park with a view, then this is the one for you. Situated on a sloping hill, over-looking the spectacular sunshine coast. Your dog will have plenty of space to roam around, while you can sit back on one of the many park benches and take in that incredible view.

4 – Aquatic Paradise
The Aquatic Paradise dog park is not fenced, but bordered by the seafront, with a playground at one end and a walking/bike trail at the other.

With beautiful seaside views and open grassy areas, this park is a must visit for any dog lovers near and far. Perfect for those high energy dogs who need to burn off some of their excess energy by running.

5 – Capalaba Regional Park

This is a park for the whole family. With great areas for a picnic, included BBQ areas, playgrounds, and fitness equipment. It’s wheelchair friendly and has a dedicated off the leash area for your dogs. A great place for your dog to make friends and chase a ball or two.

There are so many great parks in your local area, for you and your dog to enjoy. So, get out there and explore Brisbane and the Redlands together. Breathe the fresh air. Embrace the day, get some exercise, have some fun. Maybe you and your dog will make some new friends but more importantly, your dog will love you for the adventures and exciting new sights and smells they’ll discover.

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